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Diane Wanger

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Diane M. Wanger
Experience and Wisdom

 I was board-certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in 1992.

About me and my practice:

Family Law (Peaceful)
• Uncontested Cases (Can only represent one party under ethics rules)
• Collaborative Law (Can only represent party under ethics rules)
• Mediation (Neutral professional, I do not “represent” either of you)
• Adoptions

Wills and Probate
• Simple Estate Planning (Wills, Powers of Attorney, Do Not Resuscitate Orders, HIPAA Releases)
• Uncontested Probates
• Transfer on Death Deeds
• Affidavit of Heirships

After litigating disputes for more than 36 years, I retired from this method of resolving family law matters in December 2018. Now I want to specialize in peaceful divorces

In 2001 I was introduced to collaborative law and began offering this multi-disciplinary approach to conflict resolution. I have completed over 50 cases using this method. Although I feel that collaborative law has a lot to offer families, attorneys in Tarrant County, as opposed to other counties, have been slow to adopt collaborative law as an option for their clients. Because collaborative law requires two skilled practitioners of the method for the best results, there have not been many cases in Tarrant County and there are not a lot of attorneys skilled at it. I advocate for the process whenever I see the possibility of a skilled attorney on the other side.

I was trained in mediation and afterward attended an amazing week at Harvard Law School investigating Mediation as a place where the Law and Spirituality may successfully intersect. I was inspired by the ability of a mediator being aware of a power beyond them (call it God or the divine or nature or whatever that is for you) being able to transform conflict to agreement. In cases where I serve as the mediator I focus on providing a non-judgmental environment. I want the best for all families that I work with. Now that I have stopped taking court settled disputes, I am able to spend all my energy toward achieving those peaceful and dare I say, fair, divorces that I dreamed of.

If you are represented by counsel, tell them that you would like to mediate your case with me should your case reach that point. If you are just beginning divorce and would like to work with me as you and your spouse's mediator without any attorneys being present, please make an appointment and come in to see me together. I even offer mediation using some of the tools from collaborative law, such as using a financial or mental health neutral to help with some of the decisions to be made in a divorce. I want to offer you as many opportunities as possible for a peaceful resolution.

If you think that you and your spouse can resolve your divorce without my help, I am available to handle the case as an uncontested case. I will file the petition and draft the Decree. It is your choice if you want to file the petition in your own name and attend court on your own to save money or have me accompany you to court if your court requires a court appearance.

If your case becomes contested and I represent you, you will need to find an attorney to take the case to court with you. You are free to hire anyone you choose, however Anita Cutrer who offices in the same building as I can be hired for a seamless transfer. We use the same office staff. She is also Board Certified in Family Law.

I was chosen a Fort Worth Magazine 2007, 2009-2018 Top Family Law Attorney by Fort Worth Magazine.

I enjoy rock climbing (in my mind at this point), yoga, kayaking, generally being outdoors, foreign movies and travel.

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