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Collaborate for a Custom Divorce

Posted by Diane Wanger | Jul 13, 2018 | 0 Comments

After 35 years as an attorney doing divorces, I can say that the legal system is not set up to dissolve marital relationships with thoughtful reflection or imaginative problem-solving. The legal system is like a machete bearing trailblazer, swinging at plants indiscriminately to clear the way, rather than a skillful surgeon with a scalpel removing a malignancy. If you submit your dispute to the court system, you are almost assured to receive a standard, middle-of-the-road decision, which rarely reflects the deliberation and creativity that you can achieve outside the court system by doing your divorce, say, in the collaborative law method.

When you litigate, you are spending money on an attorney to wait in court, to process routine paperwork, to try to get orders signed, to gather information in an archaic method (to name a few things,) tasks that are enormously inefficient.

In collaborative law, part its appeal over litigation is the one-on-one time with your attorney it allows for you to problem solve your specific fact situation. And, in an unrushed basis you, your spouse, the attorneys and neutral professionals consider your jobs, the children's activities and needs, medical situations, any other issue specific to the lives of you and your spouse, to create a resolution to the breakup of your marriage.

In short, those who choose collaborative law receive an individually crafted divorce. Which kind of divorce would you rather have, a custom or a cookie cutter one? For more information on the collaborative law process visit #divorcedifferently

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