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Divorce, Unbundled Legal Services, and  Mediation Office of Diane M. Wanger and Anita Cutrer in Bedford near Southlake, Colleyville and Grapevine

304 Harwood Road
Bedford, TX 76021
Call Us: 817-285-2855

Give us a call now at 817-285-2855. Anita and Diane

Cutrer + Wanger  

If you are faced with a difficult legal situation involving your family, whether it be divorce, separation, child custody disputes, adoption, and name changes. Cutrer + Wanger is here to help you through this difficult situation. We are an association, (not a partnership), of two independent family law attorneys.

Anita Cutrer and Diane M. Wanger are both Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. We care about each individual client and each individual case and we make sure that not only do you have superior legal representation but you also have an attorney who listens to your needs, your goals, and your fears. We give you the guidance and legal advice in order for you to define and achieve the best resolution to your matter.

At Cutrer + Wanger we do not start your case with a “scorch the earth” mentality. We both believe that attorneys should not make a contentious situation worse by inflaming the situation. If there is a possibility of helping clients settle their disputes without contentious litigation, we at Cutrer + Wanger believe in helping clients who wish to take a less contentious path to finalize their case. We strive to educate and guide our clients through the difficult time of a family law dispute to achieve the "best" result possible in the given circumstances.  Together with our shared paralegal, Jennie Mathis, we will help you resolve your family law matter. We will use all methods available to guide the case to settlement. This may mean utilizing settlement conferences, negotiations with opposing attorneys and mediation or trial, if needed.

If your individual case is one that needs an experienced lawyer who can effectively advocate your case in court, Cutrer + Wanger can help. Both Anita and Diane have over 53 years of combined experience in practicing family law.

At Cutrer + Wanger we are here to solve all your family's legal needs. Diane Wanger provides legal services to families that need wills to protect their children's inheritances and to ensure that there wishes for their estate happen after they pass. Diane handles simple probate in the sad event of one of your relative's passing.  A new area of law for Diane is animal law.

Clients are free to schedule in-person meetings and phone or video calls throughout the duration of their representation. 

We are dedicated to delivering outstanding client service. Please look at each of our profile pages for more details of what we do.

We look forward to working with you.

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