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Resources and Links

Tarrant County Real Estate Record Search -  This is an important link to finding real estate documents.

Up To Parents - A free, confidential, and interactive website for divorcing and divorced parents.

This site is really helpful. Seriously, check it out. An interactive and secure means for separated families to communicate and organize their lives.

App Close (product like OurFamilyWizard-but a Texas Company and free     Only available as an app.

The Functional Divorce-Website of  Divorce coach, Karen Finn.  Worth checking out. She only works on the web and phone, not in person.  She has services for all financial situations.

Cat Zavis' Blog- Family Law Attorney and Mediator with excellent advice on co-parenting with your ex.

Your Stepfamily- The official online magazine of the Stepfamily Association of America.

Parenting Center The Parenting Center provides parents with the tools to build successful families. More than fifty classes and seminars, developed by experts in child development and parenting, are offered at locations throughout Tarrant County. Provides court services, education, support, supervision, and mediation to facilitate co-parenting and litigation solutions for adults, the community, and children. Services are focused on preserving the well being of children in the middle of an adult conflict and reducing the cost and time spent on litigation.

National Parenting Center Dedicated to providing parents with comprehensive and responsible guidance from the world's most renowned child-rearing authorities

Tarrant County District Attorney's Office

Tarrant County District Clerk

Tarrant County Home Page

Child Support Information - All States

Child Support Calculator

Social Security Benefit Calculator

Office of the Attorney General-Child Support Division Access to the Attorney General's office for when you can't get through by phone!

Resources for Single Parents Texas Office of the Attorney General



Texas Civil Statutes
U.S. Supreme Court Opinions


Texas Legislature Online

Psychological Resources

The Work of Katie Byron  This website is completely free and a way to identify and change your thoughts which cause you suffering.

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