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Moral and Ethical

My child custody case was the anecdotal nightmare. Five years in court, legal fees approaching six figures, lawyers on both sides fanning vitriolic winds of hate, prompting more and more hearings and more and more money. With no final court date in site, I fired my counsel and began shopping for another. I found legions of attorneys anxious to take up where the last one left off, with their eyes focused on the dollars they could bill out. Then I met Diane Wanger. Words cannot describe my gratitude for the services she provided. Diane took the time to research what would be best for my son, explain it to me and work towards providing him with a positive future rather than one shrouded in past parental animosities. Because of her refusal to play games with opposing counsel and her determination to do what was best for the child, the matter was settled amicably within a few months. I attribute Diane much of the credit for my son being able to achieve so many of his dreams, unfettered by the discord that surely haunted him the five years before Diane came into our lives. I know a lot of attorneys. I do not like most of them. And of the few I do like personally, I still can not understand how they can sleep at night. Except for Diane Wanger. Diane is different. With her morals and ethics, I am certain Diane sleeps like a baby every night. And I would walk through the fires of hell for Diane, so that she may remain here on this earth and do the good deeds that are her destiny. Feel free to contact me at any time regarding Diane Wanger. Out of respect for what Diane did for my child, my time is at your disposal in helping you make a decision that may affect the life of you or your child for all time.

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