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Child Support Cap

2017-  In Texas, the calculation of child support as a starting point is straightforward.  It is based on a percentage of the Net Resources of the person who is paying child support.  The percentage is based on how many children support is being calculated for and how many other children that the person paying support has a duty of support for. If Net Resources are under the statutory cap, then the amount of support is presumptively correct. The cap was set in 2013 at $8,550 per month.  There are nuances to this law that go beyond this blog,  (An example is company supplied cars and car allowances). This is where an attorney can help you; don't get less in child support than you might, or conversely, pay more child support than you should because you don't understand the details.

To calculate a starting place for support you can go to the Attorney General Child Support Calculator    Do not rely on the Office of the Attorney General to explain or fight for the nuances.  They prefer the cookie cutter approach.

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