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Hiring a Divorce Attorney?

Posted by Diane Wanger | Apr 15, 2014 | 0 Comments

Talk to more than one attorney before selecting one.  If you and your spouse are going to be arguing over temporary use of the house and money or access to the kids,  this is crucial. If you anticipate an agreed uncontested divorce, this is less important.There are so many attorneys practicing family law, 300+ in Tarrant County alone. Select one that you feel that you can have rapport with. When I say rapport, I do not mean someone who tells you what you want to hear. You need the truth on the law and your situation. You don't want to be wooed into hiring an attorney because they convince you that you can get a settlement/court decision that is never going to materialize.

Each attorney has their own communication style. My style for example is very direct. Sugarcoating things is not in my nature. And I have practice long enough that I don't have to try to be all things to all people. My earlier blog talks about living a life in accordance with your values. Directness is something that I value in it is the style in which I deliver legal services. That style is not for everyone. If you don't interview more than one attorney, you will not really know what you're getting without something to compare it to. And if your case is going to be litigated, (who really knows that going in,) then you want to have a comfortable relationship with your attorney. I'm always surprised when I come across people who were afraid of their attorney, or who would do what ever the attorney said without questioning and understanding the reason for the advice.

I strive to give the same level of legal service to all clients. That being said, there is a certain "pleasure" to teaming up with the client that resonates with my style. How can the feeling not be reciprocal?

Talk to more than one attorney before choosing one. Choosing an attorney for your divorce It reminds me of jury service everyone who is selected to go to the courtroom is eligible to hear evidence and render a verdict generically. The process then is to ask questions about each juror to see if they are "right" for the particular case. The best person for that job is not necessarily the same person that your friend or relative or coworker used. Selecting one equally skilled attorney over another based on communication style is just a part of selecting the best person to help you and your family to redefine yourself from married to single.

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