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Divorce is a horribly ugly process and I wouldn't want my worst enemy to go through it. There are so many laws and variables that can affect all possible outcomes of divorce but the one thing I'm certain of is that hiring Diane Wanger and her team was the smartest move I could have done to get through it. Diane's knowledge of TX family law and her compassion helped this undertaking go smoothly giving me peace of mind that she could take care of me during this stressful time and I was right. Diane and her team got me through this process as efficiently and painless as possible. I'm so glad I had Diane in my corner and I can't thank her enough for all she did for me easing me through what was the worse time of my life. Please feel free to contact me regarding Diane Wanger. I just can't say enough about how happy I am that Diane was recommended to me!

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