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Gold Standard

I hired Diane April 2012 to represent me in my divorce. She was 1 of 12 attorneys I interviewed during the first 6 months of the process. And ended up being the last one I interviewed. Her demeanor, passion for her practice, compassionate approach, experience and knowledge is the "gold standard" for the Family Law process. Out of all the communications and services that she provided for me in life and my case, the one that stands out as having the greatest impact on my life was her recommendation that I register in The Landmark Forum. The weekend of May 11th thru 13th 2013 will be my 1 year anniversary for doing the work of Landmark Education. I get goosebumps just thinking about the breakthroughs, miracles and transformations that have been generated in my life n the past 360 days. Today I do not even recognize the person I was when Counselor Wanger and meet in her office 13 months ago. I now am so blessed and victorious in my life and I'm forever grateful that she not only represented me very professionally in the breakdown of my marriage, but much more than that, she stood for me having a great life. Diane you are a great person and a powerful, inspirational and innovative leader in your profession and the world.

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