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Diane M. Wanger, PC

304 Harwood Road
Bedford, TX 76021
Call Us: 817-285-2855

Diane M. Wanger is well known as a leading divorce attorney in Tarrant County, Texas with emphasis in Divorce and Custody law. Diane offers the full range of Divorce process from uncontested divorces and collaborative law divorces as well as litigated divorces. With 30 years of experience, she is highly skilled and knowledgeable. She serves her clients in a manner that blends pragmatism with compassion and integrity. She works hard to simplify complex matters to clients so that they can better understand their options.

Family law is a broad, complicated and emotionally charged field of practice. Diane's goal is to guide each client through a major life event in a way that is constructive and solution-oriented, with the goal of achieving the best possible outcome with the least destructive impacts. “Happiness cannot be found in material objects, or by engaging resentfully in bitter conflicts,” she says. “That's an important thing to know in family law. My approach is to steer clients into rational, pragmatic and constructive discussions about how to settle their cases as satisfactorily and efficiently as possible.” Diane employs a systematized and collaborative strategic process that includes in depth analysis and planning to resolve often-difficult family law conflicts. She believes in giving her clients the “straight scoop.” “Professionally, I don't believe there is any integrity in simply telling clients what they want to hear. I tell my clients the way things are – and how they are likely to be – based on my 30 years of family law practice.”

Diane is accessible to her clients, who are free to schedule meetings and conference calls with her throughout the duration of her representation. Her team of Tamra Siebenthall and Brandon Turnage are competent and knowledgeable team members about family law practice and are dedicated to delivering outstanding client service. Thank you for visiting the website of Diane M. Wanger.

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